Kevin Fronczak
Analog Circuit Designer
Hi, welcome to my site! My name is Kevin Fronczak and I'm an Analog Circuit Designer with an extensive background in capacitive touch and fingerprint sensors as well as display drivers for mobile phones. I have a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY where I currently live with my beautiful wife and daughter.

For a recent class I was taking, entitled “Advanced Field-Effect Devices”, we were tasked with choosing a specific topic pertaining to MOSFET theory, performing an extensive literature search, and ... Read more

For my Analog Design class, each student was tasked with designing an OpAmp in 0.5um technology with the following specifications: Open-loop gain of at least 3000 V/V Unity-gain Bandwidth of ... Read more

I’ve been busy (understatement of the year).  I’ve been working on multiple projects (many of which will be highlighted here in the near future) and as the quarter is winding down, I figured I’d sh... Read more

The other day at work I found myself without much to do since I was waiting for some data analysis to be sent back to me.  I talked to another Engineer looking for some work I could do in the meant... Read more

So I have finally migrated most of my projects from SVN to Git.  My github page is located here and there is a link in the sidebar to the right.  I have a few old projects I put up there, as well a... Read more