Boy have I been overwhelmed with work these past couple of weeks!  On top of all that course work I’ve had to fit in job interviews so my free time has been nearly non-existent.  Luckily it looks like this weekend will allow me to catch up on other things outside of school, but I do want to give a brief update on something neat I’m working on.  It’s an IR Proximity Sensor that I’m designing and building for my one course at RIT.  I just submitted my final design for verification and am in the process of laying out the PCB for printing.  Once I get the OK to continue with the project I’ll write up a really nice and descriptive post about everything with circuit schematics and all that jazz.

Now onto some personal projects (or ideas, at least).  I’m thinking of starting a design for a guitar effects pedal.  I’ve been playing guitar since 1999 and for the past four or so years have been trying to hone out something I can call “my sound”.  I already have a distinctive way of playing (so much so that not only can my friends pick out pieces I’m playing but they can even pick out riffs I write) and I figure it’s about time to really finish off my sound.  I’ve been using the built in distortion, reverb and delay on my Behringer GMX212 but it still feels kind of empty.  So I figured I might as well start small, maybe a wah-wah pedal or something, to really get my feet wet.  After that I can start ramping up and make a pedal that truly defines me as a guitar-player.  Right now it’s still somewhat of a pipe-dream as I don’t have too much time to work on any of that, but it’s definitely on the “to-do” list.