So I have finally migrated most of my projects from SVN to Git.  My github page is located here and there is a link in the sidebar to the right.  I have a few old projects I put up there, as well as some new ones I’m working on.  The Weather-GUI program I’m going to make a project page for in the future, but it is my first foray into programming a GUI using Python.  All it does is poll google-weather to find the current conditions for whatever city you type in.  You can switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit and can also change the display color of the temperature.  I had planned on adding in different window styles as well as a USB-communication feature to be able to hookup to a microcontroller and send data.  I haven’t implemented any of that yet (or even touched the thing in the past 6 months or so) but it’s on a long to-do list so maybe someday!  Another one I added was my AI-Challenge bot.  This is the program that got me learning the Python language as well as some AI concepts.  The bot performed okay, but would get really confused on maze-layout maps.  I never implemented any hunting features in (just path finding, really) but, again, it’s on the “someday” to-do list. Finally, my current project CPyU is on there.  I’m designing a pipe-lined CPU using Python.  It’s only a skeleton at this point, but it’s a WIP.  I’ll make more specific posts in the future and, obviously, a dedicated project page.